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Professional Staining Services in Wellesley, MA: Residential & Commercial Staining Contractor

Staining your deck or patio is done best with Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry. Our staining contractors are trained and certified in creating a beautifully stained deck, patio, or even fence for your Wellesley property. With a wide range of expertise on various surfaces, our professionals are eager to take on the job.


Learn About Our Staining Process

We provide you with as little or as much as you’d like to know about our staining process. We cover all surfaces and items that may get our staining products on them, especially any outdoor plants or living organisms. Next, we deep clean the surface with our pressure washing tools. And lastly, we paint or spray our staining products evenly on the surface. We wait an ample amount of time for the stain to dry thoroughly. After that, you have a stunning and protected deck with our Wellesley staining services.


Certified Contractors That Put Your Needs First

Our staining contractors are held to incredibly high standards to ensure our Wellesley customers receive nothing but the best. We know that you work hard for your money and we want to provide you with staining services you’ll call again. We don’t just look for a quick job to make some money. At Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry, we look at the bigger picture, gaining the trust and loyalty of a lifelong customer.

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Protect Your Property With Our Staining Services

By choosing our custom staining service, you’re ensuring your Wellesley property is protected from the unexpected weather. We know you can’t control elements such as rain, sun, snow, wind, and such. However, you can protect your property from these aspects with our custom staining. Our staining contractors arrive promptly at your property, ready to work. Familiar elements such as sun and water can warp and fade the paint or raw wood. Don’t get held back by the Wellesley weather when you can choose our staining options.


Don’t Allow Your Company to Suffer from the Everyday Weather

We don’t have to tell you that to keep your business running smoothly, you must maintain a professional look. However, what happens when the patio in front of your business has water damage, and the color is faded and dingy? It prevents new customers, which can directly affect the revenue you’re making. However, with our custom staining, you can keep your Wellesley business looking stunning.


Don’t Wait, Bring Your Property’s Curb Appeal Back

At Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry, we’ve been bringing our Wellesley, MA community top services for over 30 years, and we won’t stop now. From faux and decorative finishes to pressure washing and graffiti removal to brand new paint jobs, our dedicated team is here to show you the integrity and transparent services we provide. Bring your home or business back to life again with our transformative services in the Wellesley, MA area. Call or click today to learn more.

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