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Pressure Washing Services in Wellesley, MA: Residential & Commercial Power Washing Services for Graffiti, Vandalism & More

Dirt and grime alone can ruin the appearance of any Wellesley building. Allowing bacteria and stains to build on your property shows your customers and neighbors that you don’t care about your assets. You work hard for your business and your home; why not take care of it with power washing services from Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry. We also offer our graffiti removal power washing to have your home or business look good.

Cleaning stone slabs with the high-pressure cleaner

Keep Your Property Clean

Have you noticed that the side of your Wellesley home is starting to look dirty, or your driveway is starting to pile up dirt that you can’t seem to get rid of? Spraying your property with a hose just won’t do the trick. You have the right idea; however, you need something with a little more pressure. With our power washing contractors available whenever you need them, Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry can get your property clean and free of bacteria in no time.


See How Our Power Washing Can Benefit You

Our power washing services aren’t just used to eliminate the dirt that’s been building up on your Wellesley property. Rather, it’s also used to prep clean for our staining services. With all our power washing services have to offer, why wouldn’t you opt to learn more from our contractors?

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clean and new and old and dirty wood floor boards

Graffiti Power Washing the Safe Way

Our graffiti removal power washing services are a great tool to remove any unwanted tagging you have on your Wellesley property without the hassle. Seeing your home or business has been vandalized with these awful graffiti marks doesn’t have to cost much of your time to remove. With our power washing for graffiti, we can eliminate all markings with our pressurized water. Not to mention, there’s no chance of property damage since our methods are free of toxins and harsh chemicals.

Cleaning stone slabs with the high-pressure cleaner

Remove Unwanted Graffiti With Our Commercial Power Washing

Allowing unwanted graffiti to stay on your Wellesley commercial property can have many negative consequences. Our power washing contractors can tell you that cluttered graffiti jeopardizes making new customers and confuses potential customers of your message. Seeing a Wellesley business covered in unwanted markings can not only create the allusion of an unsafe environment but affect your earnings. Don’t let unwanted graffiti hold you back; opt for our graffiti power washing today!


Don’t Wait, Bring Your Property’s Curb Appeal Back

At Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry, we’ve been bringing our Wellesley, MA community top services for over 30 years, and we won’t stop now. From faux and decorative finishes to pressure washing and graffiti removal to brand new paint jobs, our dedicated team is here to show you the integrity and transparent services we provide. Bring your home or business back to life again with our transformative services in the Wellesley, MA area. Call or click today to learn more.

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