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Pressure Washing Services in Lexington, MA: Residential & Commercial Power Washing Services for Graffiti, Vandalism & More

Pressure washing services are a great way to removes stains, even ones that were once thought to be permanent. At Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry, we don't have to tell you that dirt and grime on any surface area can make your entire property look cheap. Our contractors can get tough stains out of nearly anything, including power washing for graffiti. For complete power washing services that will have your Lexington home or business back to the way it was, choose Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry.

Cleaning stone slabs with the high-pressure cleaner

Complete Power Washing Services in Lexington

At Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry, our power washing services are perfect for various areas. Whether you're looking to clean your home deck, commercial patio, or any other concrete and brick surfaces, our power washing contractors can help. With our high pressure water cleaning system, all of the dirt and bacteria growing on your surfaces are eliminated, creating a safer and cleaner environment.


Proven Power Washing Contractors

Our power washing contractors use pressurized water to prepare staining and painting areas. Thoroughly cleaning a surface before an important job occurs is vital to ensure no dust or dirt particles are trapped between the stain and the top. Before any job in Lexington, have your surfaces power washed for a better result.

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clean and new and old and dirty wood floor boards

Look Professional With Our Graffiti Removal Power Washing

Graffiti removal power washing is a great asset when you're looking to improve the look of your home or business in Lexington. Graffiti can make your property's appearance unprofessional, so power washing for graffiti removal is critical to the health of your business. Let Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry's graffiti removal power washing services bring your company relief from all the ugly and unwanted markings affecting your Lexington building.


Don’t Wait, Bring Your Property’s Curb Appeal Back

At Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry, we’ve been bringing our Lexington, MA community top services for over 30 years, and we won’t stop now. From faux and decorative finishes to pressure washing and graffiti removal to brand new paint jobs, our dedicated team is here to show you the integrity and transparent services we provide. Bring your home or business back to life again with our transformative services in the Lexington, MA area. Call or click today to learn more.

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