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Exterior Painting Services in Cambridge, MA: Exterior Residential & Commercial Painting Contractor

Be Proud of Your Assets

Regardless of the type of material you have on your Cambridge home, our exterior painters work hard to provide you with the paint job you'll love. You want your Cambridge home to look well maintained. What others see says a lot about who you are as a homeowner. Show your neighborhood that you pride yourself on the way your exterior paint looks and that you're proud of your home.

Maintain Your History With Our Team

If you're looking to restore the paint on your historic home, you've come to the right place. Our historical restoration exterior painters are here to help you preserve any and all history your Cambridge property has. We have a variety of historic paint color collections that are sure to match each and every color you have on your home.

Trust Our Exterior Painting Contractors to Make Your Business Stand Out

The exterior paint is a huge element when it comes to your commercial building. It's the first thing potential customers and employees will see when they look at your business. Do you want the first impression they get to be that your business is worn down and an unsafe environment to work in? Keep your Cambridge business looking sharp with our exterior painting services from Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry.

Preservation at Its Finest

You're not going to hire a modern painter to paint Harvard Hall with bright glossy paint, are you? No, you need a skilled exterior painting contractor that knows how to not only preserve the history of the building as well as the history of the Cambridge community. Historical buildings bring a certain sense of belonging to the area, and our exterior painting contractors help you preserve that.


Don’t Wait, Bring Your Property’s Curb Appeal Back

At Tom Sawyer Painting & Carpentry, we’ve been bringing our Cambridge, MA community top services for over 30 years, and we won’t stop now. From faux and decorative finishes to pressure washing and graffiti removal to brand new paint jobs, our dedicated team is here to show you the integrity and transparent services we provide. Bring your home or business back to life again with our transformative services in the Cambridge, MA area. Call or click today to learn more.

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